<aside> 💡 i-Teams brings together the brightest graduate students, as well as postdocs, and ground-breaking research to develop commercially viable strategies and build valuable university-industry links. Participate in a highly motivated and scientifically diverse team, interacting extensively with leading academic and industrial partners, to help bring cutting-edge technology to the market and improve global health!


Edition 11 - Spring 2024

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<aside> 💡 Start of the Program : March 2024 Apply by: March 15th 2024 Duration : One semester Frequency : Once per week, on Tuesdays, during lunch time @CMU - Geneva




The main goal of the i-Teams Program is to translate high-potential medical technologies through the collaboration between a research group and an i-Team. Using the expert knowledge of the inventors, each team will use creative and innovative approaches to find the best way to commercialize the technology beyond the laboratory application. Each team will aim to provide the inventors with alternative commercialization routes that will help to guide future development of technologies to reach the market faster.

An important goal of the project is contact industry experts and potential customers in order to get feedback about the technology and its potential applications. This will build and extend the industrial network of the participants and allows them to gather valuable information from potential partners or customers. It will also build the entrepreneurial spirit of the participants to approach people from various backgrounds and seniority levels, and will also further expand the network of interactions between the Faculty of Medicine and industrial sectors.

The combination of hands-on teamwork and workshops will provide participants with a unique opportunity to develop their entrepreneurial skills with a real-world problem to solve. This approach will give future alumni the basic tools and enthusiastic mind-set to subsequently join a start-up company as a founder or employee, or use these skills in the academic or industrial world. Participants and inventors may also decide to create spin-off companies following their work during the i-Team projects.

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